Where to Download movies, music, games ....

  Would you like to download movie or movies or music ? Next question is: from where to download movie ? With millions of sites, offering movies or music download service, how to make the right choice? Below are few suggestions which, I hope, will help you avoid trouble and save time.

  First, few words about free downloads (everybody likes get something for free?):

1. Free movie download sites.
  Very dangerous! All this sites intend to load on your PC Spyware, Trojans, Viruses.
  Cost of PC fix could be to high for this free pleasure. Remember: free cheese could be only in the mouse trap! Should be avoided in any cases!

2. eDonkey, eMule, etc. movies download.
  Main problem: download speed is to slow. And if you have high-speed Internet (cable, DSL) with speed ~5Mbps, remember, download speed depends from upload speed of others and often is 10kbps, 5kbps or even less! Download movie (for example DVD-quality) will take not hours - days! And, at the end, download could be interrupted due to source stopped to give files away! This way to download is good for small files (pictures, songs), but not for big dvd-quality movies (compare: song size 3~5 megabytes (MB), movie: ~1 gigabyte (GB) for PC standard format (avi, divx, xvid) and 5GB and up for full DVD.

3. Sites, where you have to pay for movie download.
  I suppose, that after you did try all ways of free movie downloads , maybe you ready to spend some money. Here is overview of the most popular pay-sites.

Movies download: sites comparison

Price for access
SatelliteTV on PC&TV    * NEW  
NetMovieDownloads 8/10 $29.88 $32.88 $34.95
EzMovies 7/10+ $19.95 $24.95 $59.95
MovieLink              * NEW 9/10+
rent $0.99 / buy $1.99
VideosZ (adult DVD) 9/10
MovieDownloads 8/10 $19.95 $24.95 $39.95
Freemovienow 9/10 $19.95 $24.95 $39.95
FastTVdownloads 8/10+ $29.88 $32.88 $34.95
MyMusic 8/10 $17.28 $22.56 $34.95
ThinkMovieDownloads 7/10+ $19.95 $24.95 $39.95
ExpressMovieDownloads 9/10 $19.95 $21.95 $24.95
iPod downloads   Blog   more info...
KJ Quiz.com  
mp4advanced.com 8/10+ $24.95 $34.95 $44.95
MyPhoneExpress.com 9/10+
AnimeDownloadsUnlimit 8/10+
PhoneDownloadCenter 8/10
PhoneDownloadHub 9/10
Zune downloads   Blog   more info...
AnimeDownloadsUnlimit 8/10+
ZuneReactor.com 8/10 $29.46
ZuneMediaDownloads 9/10 $29.95
iZuneAccess.com 9/10+ $29.88 $32.88 $34.95
mp4advanced.com 8/10+ $24.95 $34.95 $44.95
MyOnlineDownloads 8/10 $22.95 $32.95 $44.95
PSP downloads   Blog   more info...
AllPSPgames.com 9/10 $34.95
MyPSPcenter 8/10+ $29.88 $32.88 $34.95
MyPSPDownload.com 8/10+ $29.88 $32.88 $34.95
FeedMyPSP.net 8/10+
$24.49 ~ $39.98
UnlimitedPSPmovies 9/10
$34.95 ~ $44.95
PSPdownloadWorld 8/10+

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movie download: SatelliteTV on PC&TV

SatelliteTV on PC

Price: $49.95 - on time payment

• Watch all your favorite shows on your Computer & TV!
• Channels you can’t get any other place in the U.S.A!
• Watch from anywhere in the world!
• Save thousands of dollars over many years on cable and satellite bills
• NO Waiting for the Mail
• NO Shipping or Handling Charges
• INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Get immediate access to the software once you have paid
• And much, much more:
- Get Channels From 78 Countries Around The World!
- Watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more!

How it works:
Is this legal?
- Yes, absolutely!
Do I have to buy anything else in order to access the 3000+ stations?

- No, absolutely not! All that you need is our software and an internet connection.
Are there any recurring payments?

- No, absolutely not! There are no monthly subscription payments or any other recurring payments. EVER!
What do I get if I purchase your product?

- As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive our full service. Just install the software and follow the instructions to start the broadcasts.
Is this service only available in North America?

- No, absolutely not! Our service can be accessed from any PC in the world.
How many stations are included in the package?

- Our software package comes with over 3000 Stations (News, Movies, Sports, Music, Clips, Radio, etc.) from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts.
What type of live sports can I view?

- You can watch baseball, football, soccer, basketball and many other sports from around the world.
How many music channels can I view?

- You can watch over 40 music channels with our software.
When will I receive my software?

- Once you have paid for the item you will get the software - Instantly! You will be redirected to the download site... Start enjoying the stations within seconds after your payment.

more info...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Movie Download: MovieLink


Movielink lets you legally download movies, TV shows and other popular videos for rental or purchase. Watch them on a PC, TV, or laptop for traveling – even without being connected to the Internet.

1. Find movies by searching or browsing categories. You can either rent or purchase movies, depending on the studio’s terms of use.
2. Pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal®. Prices start at $0.99 per movie with no subscription fees.
3. Download your movies. With your first download, you’ll also get the Movielink Manager, a free program that helps you manage and view your movies. Any other required software upgrades are free.
4. Watch your movies on a PC, TV or notebook.

Rent without worry! Store for up to 30 days and watch during any 24-hour period.
Storage Period: UP TO 30 days. You’re allowed to store a rental for up to 30 days after checkout. Once you start playback, you can watch it as many times as you like for 24 hours (see next section).
Viewing Period: 24 hours: Your 24-Hour Viewing Period begins when you click “Play Movie.” Watch the movie as many times as you like within this period. You must use the 24-hour Viewing Period by the end of the Storage Period (noted on the movie details page).
Cost: Rental prices start at 99c per movie. No subscription, membership fees or late fees.

Yours to keep! Watch as many times as you want, whenever you want.
Storage Period: UNLIMITED. There is no limit to how long you are allowed to store purchases on your computer.
Viewing Period: UNLIMITED. When you purchase a movie download, it’s yours to watch for as long as you want!

Cost: Purchase prices start at $1.99 per movie. No extra charges.

Multi-PC Playback: Some content providers allow you to play your purchased movie on up to three PCs. Others limit playback to one PC. See the rules for each movie on its details page.

more info:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Movie download : ExpressMovieDownloads


$19.95 - 1yr
$21.95 - 2yrs
$24.95 - lifetime

• Unprecedented Movie Download Speeds.
• 200 X FASTER! Movies download in 70 minutes!
• Unlimited Free Direct Movie Download as shown below.

• Not a P2P network!
• Search for Your Movies

• Find and download any Movie Fast and Easy
• Download, Watch and Burn any Movie!
• Free 24 hour Technical Support
• No Per Download Fees!
• No Spyware or Adware!
• Highest Quality DVD Movies Format
• Largest Direct Database Network on the Internet
• Watch your movies on your computer or home DVD Device!
• Over 100 Million Movies for Download

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Movie download: FastTVdownloads

movie download img22c FastTVdownloads

1yr - $29.88
2yrs - $32.88
lifetime - $34.95


• Unlimited Movie Downloads
• Fast & Reliable
• No Download Fees
• Download DVD Quality Movies & TV Shows
• Unlimited CD/DVD Burn
• Spyware & Adware FREE
• Works with all DVD Players
Much More....

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Movie download: ThinkMovieDownloads

movies download img22d ThinkMovieDownloads

$19.95 - 1yr
$24.95 - 2yrs
$39.95 - lifetime

• Ultra Fast Movie Download!
• Watch Satellite TV Online
• Free DVD Quality Movies download
• Movie Download Software
• Make DVD Copies
• Free Movie Player
• No Spyware/Adware
• Virus Protection
• Tutorials and Guides

• Start download movie now!

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Movie download: Freemovienow

movie download pic1 Freemovienow

Price: $19.95/$24.95/$39.95 (1yr/2yrs/lifetime)

- Movie download
- Music download
- TV Show download

•Movie Download TV Shows Download Movies Download Music•

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Movie download: VideosZ.com

VideosZ.com movie download img13
One of the best site for Adult movie download site!

• Full adult Movies download - 1196 DVDs
• Find and download any movie Fast
• Download and play all your favorite movies
• Free 24 hour Technical Support
• No Per Movie Download Fees!
• No Spyware or Adware
• Highest Quality Format for all movies download
• Largest Movie download Selection
• Great Affiliate program

One Month Membership Unlimited Movie Downloads of any DVD's - $29.95
More info...


Friday, November 03, 2006

Movie download: Movie Downloads.com

movie download picture1


Price: $19.95/$24.95/$39.95 (1yr/2yrs/lifetime)
• Movie download
• Music download
• TV Show download
• Lightning fast downloads
• Over 80 Million Movies to choose
• Play on your PC or TV
• No Charge per movie
• No download limit what so ever!
• No Spyware or Popup Ads
• Unlimited technical support

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Movie download: NetMovieDownloads

another good movies download place (movie/music/video):

NetMovieDownloads movies download gif

Lifetime Access - $34.95
2 years - $32.88
1 year - $29.88
• Unlimited Free Movie Download
• Fast & Reliable
• Download and play all your favorite Movies/Songs
• No Per Movie Download Fees!
• No Spyware or Adware
• Highest Quality Format
• Largest Movie download and Music download Selection
• Mix and Burn your own CDs to play in your car!

•Movie Download TV Shows Download Movies Download Music•

Monday, October 30, 2006

Movie Download

EzMovies.net movie download img3
Lifetime movie download access - $59.95
1 yr. movie download - $24.95
3 months movie download - $19.95

• Unrestricted New Movies download, Music (MP3), Games & Software!
No file sharing with other users!
• Free CD/DVD recording software. Burn your own DVD's!
• Find lyrics to your music!
• Only High Quality downloads from fast world wide locations!
• Unlimited Movie Downloads. No limit what so ever!
• Free Spyware remover & Popup killer!
• No advertisements, popup's or ActiveX ever!
• Fast support from our experienced support team!
• The easiest way to movie download
• NOT a Kazaa, Edonkey, KazaaGold or any other P2P look a like service!

Movie Download